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Work at Gokartcity

We are now looking for new workers for Helsingborg.

You who are studying and want to work evenings and weekends are welcome to apply here! 

You must be social as you work with customers where you manage their Race and Drop in. Cash register experience is a plus when the system we use is a bit complicated. The job is hourly based.

Minimum age 18 years

If this sounds interesting, send an email with your CV and we will contact you!

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The Story

Gokartcity started in 1999 in Malmö but now has 2 tracks. Malmö and Helsingborg!

We took over Helsingborg in 2019 and today we drive electric karts there as well. Why do we drive electric karts? the environment and the experience will be so much better. Better acceleration, better balance, top speed of 65km/h. We can control the speed according to the ability of the driver, which minimizes the risk of injury.

This is also for our safety as workers on the track.

Go-karting should be fun and it's fun to see the development of the customers and it's you who instructor who makes sure they have a safe and fun experience. 

Racing is our goal. And racing is our Life!

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