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Information and rules


We want you to feel safe when you visit one of our courses.  We perform extra cleaning and spray handles, screens and toilets several times a day.  Helmet hat is a must. Helmet caps and gloves are always washed after use at 60 degrees.   We can have a maximum of 50 people on the premises.  We have also opened up for more seating areas in the room.  We separate the entrance / exit to the depot to reduce meetings and we want everyone to sit down during the break with a good distance to other parties. We also ask you to respect the staff's work surface, so keep a good distance, especially at the cash register and the depot where we work the most. When booking a race, you get your very own part of the venue where briefings, breaks and award ceremonies take place. In addition, you get access to your own toilet and entrance if desired. If you feel the slightest symptoms, we ask you to stay at home.


There is parking adjacent to both lanes. Free parking in Helsingborg. In Malmö, a parking fee applies. Should you need to use the lift, call us and we will help you.

Payment options

We only accept card payments. Companies and associations have the opportunity to pay by invoice or requisition.
Billing information incl. organization number, billing address and information about contact person must be emailed to no later than 5 days before the booked time. The minimum amount for invoicing is SEK 600.


Terms of booking

When accepting a quote, full payment applies for the number of drivers and booked time. Cancellation is made no later than 2 days before.
Then it is possible to move the booked time to another date.

Storage options

There are lockers for storing valuables. Gokart City is not responsible for valuables. Forgot something? Contact Us!



All drivers must participate in the review before driving. Instructions and instructions from the staff must be followed,
as well as light signals and flags. Reckless driving where a driver exposes himself and others to danger is not allowed and can lead to suspension. The top speed of the go-kart can be regulated by the staff according to the driver's ability. All stays on the premises are at your own risk.
It is not allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Damage to the bank structure and go-karts that arise due to lack of consideration of rules and instructions may be charged on the spot.



Minimum length for driving is 140 cm. Children under the age of 16 may only drive with an adult on site.



There are helmets, hats and gloves to borrow on site. Own equipment may also be used. We recommend soft clothing and it is not allowed to run in heels or flip-flops.


People who are pregnant, have epilepsy, heart, back or neck problems are not recommended to drive.


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