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Here  you will find our races with plans that suit both large and small groups.

A minimum of 6 participants applies when booking a race. Smaller groups are referred to Dcall in.

Go-karting is a sport that is fun and physical. And with us you have to be over140 cm to drive yourself.

We now also have double karts therewith the rider must be over 100cm to ride. 

Wecooperates with Epassi so you can pay with your health care allowance when driving.

10% discount for students and seniors 65+

Students need to show a valid patronage or student card at the checkout to take advantage of the discount.

When booking, you are alwaysthemselves on the track. We run a maximum of 10 cars on the track at the same time. In Malmö the go-kart track is about 320 meters long, in Helsingborg about 340 meters long. Here you drive electric karts for the best environment and effect.


In the premises so havewe also have conference rooms and in Malmö we have Relax with shower and sauna that you can rent. 

We arrange dinner via catering if desired.Ring ormail your wish, we will make sure that you have a day with speed and excitement.

26/10 we bought double go-karts where you can drive with your children or mother-in-law. 


Mini race

- Driver briefing & runway briefing

- Time qualifying 9 min

- Final 18 laps

- Award ceremony


6-10 participants

(time required: 1h-1.5h)

11-15 participants

(time required: 1.5-2h)

16-20 participants

(time required: 2-2.5h)

Price per person & minimum 6 pcs


Grand Prix

- Driver briefing & runway briefing
- Training 9 min

- Time qualifying 9 min

- Final 18 laps

- Award ceremony


6-10 participants

(time required: 1.5h-2h)

11-15 participants

(time required: 2-2.5h)

16-20 participants

(time required: 2.5-3h)

Price per person & minimum 6 pcs


- Driver briefing & runway briefing

- Training 9 min

- Time qualification 2 x 9 min

- Final 22 laps
- ​Award ceremony


6-10 participants

(time required: 1.5 - 2h)

11-15 participants

(time required: 2 - 2.5h)

16-20 participants

(time required: 3h)

Pris per person & minimum 6st



​- Driver Walkthrough & team division

- Time qualifying

- Review of technology on the track

- Race where the most number of laps wins

- Award ceremony

1h le-mans, 10 min qualifying & final 40 min

(16-25 participants)


1.5 le-mans, 20 min qualifying & final 60 min

(20-30 participantsgare)


2h le-mans, 20 min qualifying & final 90 min

(25-35 participants)




Children's party

- Driver briefing on safety, the car and driving technique

- 2 x 10 minute drives

- Award ceremony with medals for the winners.

- Speed adaptation according to ability and experience.

- After driving, you have access to the meeting room for 1 hour. There you can have your own food, drink and coffee.

Applies to children up to 15 years of age. Minimum length is 140cm

At least 8 participants when booking a children's party

Time required: 1.5 - 2.5h

Children's parties can only be booked on Sundays!

Price per person & minimum 8 pcs



Here, theory is mixed with training and fun exercises. You will learn everything you need to know to become a great driver, such as the basics of karting and racing, rules and flags, track selection and safe overtaking. 

Speed adjustment according to ability and experience.

At least 3 driving sessions per occasion. Open to all children up to the age of 15. Minimum length is 140cm.

An adult needs to be present on every occasion. 

Price per person 

If you just want the track to yourself, you can book an appointment for 30 minutes. 

Special Race

- Driver review & track briefing

- Training 9  my

- Time quality 2 x 9  my

- Final 25  turn
-​ Award ceremony & group photo


6-10 participants

(time required: 1.5 - 2h)

11-15 participants

(time required: 2 - 2.5h)

16-20 participants

(time required: 3h)

30 minutes / 8 cars  4000:-

(time required: 1.5h)

1h / 8 bilar 8000:-

(tidsåtgång: 2h)

1.5h / 8 cars SEK 12,000

(time required: 2.5h)


In the relaxation area, you get access to showers, sauna with room of up to 14 people. Towels are included in the package. 

400: - / 2h

The alley Jpeg.jpg


Complete the race with some extra large trophies for the winners.

Trophies can also be engraved if you wish. This has to be communicated at least two weeks before your race.


Hungry after or before the race perhaps? Book a dinner and dine in one of our conference rooms. The menu and prices can be seen below.

Beer tasting

You have the opportunity to book a nice beer tasting and dinner with a discount at Malmö Brewing Co & Taproom after your race with us.

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