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Gather everything in one place  and stay a whole night with us!
IN  cooperation  with Madre Kitchen you have the opportunity to book dinner with us.
For booking, please contact us via our questionnaire or call 040-960120.

80: -

  • Baguette cheese and ham, vegetables

  • Baguette brie and salami, vegetables


Main courses

140: -  

  • Chicken wok with noodles  soyamajo and focaccia

  • Veal lasagne, salad mix and  focaccia  

190: -  

  • Pork fillet with potato gratin, pepper sauce, salad mix and  focaccia

  • Minced veal steaks with butter-fried mushrooms and bacon, mushroom sauce, raw fried potatoes, salad mix and focaccia

  • Salmon butterfly with vegetable rice, lime & chive cream, pickled chili cucumber, focaccia



80: -

  • Draft cake with nutella, marshmallows, dumle & peanuts, cream

  • Cheesecake with raspberries and white chocolate  

Every  prices are per portion and with VAT included. Minimum 10 people and maximum two different dishes  when ordering.
Allergy or special diet?
  Contact  U.S!


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