Challenge your friends, family or colleagues to a fast-paced race with guaranteed excitement! Here you will find our race packages structured to be suitable for both smaller and larger groups of all ages! Feel free to contact us if you need help putting together a package that suits your group

A minimum of 6 participants is required when booking a race. Smaller parties are referred to drop in.

10% discount for students and seniors 65+

Students need to show a valid student card at the reception to be granted discount.


Our smallest race option that suits families of different ages!

Mini Race

- Driver review &  banbriefing

- Time quality 9  min

- Final 18 laps

- Award ceremony 


6-10 participants

(time required:  1h-1.5h)

11-15 participants

(time required: 1.5-2h)

16-20 participants

(time required: 2-2.5h)

Price per person & minimum 6pcs
370: -

The most popular package that suits most companies.

Grand Prix

- Driver review &  banbriefing
- Training 9 min

- Time quality 9  min

- Final 18 laps

- Award ceremony


6-10 participants

(time required:  1.5h-2h)

11-15 participants

(time required: 2-2.5h)

16-20 participants

(time required: 2.5-3h)

Price per person & minimum 6pcs
430: -

2014-01-06 16.34.27.jpg

For those who want a real challenge and maximum driving time on the track.

Special Race

- Driver review & track briefing

- Training 9  my

- Time quality 2 x 9  my

- Final 25  turn
-​ Award ceremony & group photo


6-10 participants

(time required: 1.5 - 2h)

11-15 participants

(time required: 2 - 2.5h)

16-20 participants

(time required: 3h)

Price per person
520: -

Logotyp_Svensexanu jpeg.jpg

A team competition that suits larger groups.  Strategic approach and quick driver changes are the recipe for a good team result

Le mans

- Driver review & team division

- Quality of time

Review of technology on the track

- Race where the most number of laps wins

- Award ceremony & group photo

1h le-mans, 10 min time qualifier & final 40 min

(16-25 participants)

7200: -


1.5 le-mans, 20 min time qualifier & final 60 min

(20-30 participants)

10800: -

2h le-mans, 20 min time qualifier & final 90 min

(25-35 participants)

14200: -


Price from
7200: -


Complete the race with some extra large trophies for the winners.

Trophies can also be engraved if you wish. This has to be communicated at least two weeks before your race.

Beer tasting

You have the opportunity to book a nice beer tasting and dinner with a discount at Malmö Brewing Co & Taproom after your race with us.

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